Doctor of Education

Doctor of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Concentration: 48-Hour Program of Studies

The following presents the requirements for completing the 48-Hour Doctoral Program of Studies, for candidates who wish to complete a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction. The list is appropriate for those candidates entering the program with a master’s degree plus 30 hours or an EdS degree outside of LMU. This plan should be used with advice from the candidate’s major professor. Courses on the plan may be scheduled during terms other than those indicated. This possible plan reflects required core, research, and primary concentration coursework.

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Six Terms or Two Years plus additional time the candidate may require to complete his or her dissertation (minimum of 15 hours). The program of studies includes 15 hours of core coursework; 18 hours in a given concentration; and a minimum of 15 hours of research related to completion of the candidate’s dissertation.

Total Credits