Master of Education

Instructional Leadership (IL)

The Program

The program is designed to license school administrators based on State Board policy and standards. In order to be eligible for the program, a candidate must have:

  • a valid Tennessee Teacher License
  • two years successful educational experience
  • basic computer skills
  • a completed Recommendation for Consideration by a practicing TN administrator
  • completed the application process

Program Application and Admission

All prospective IL license candidates must complete the following requirements.

  1. Submit a completed Leadership Licensure Pre- Admissions Packet including a copy of a current teaching license, verification of two years’ teaching experience and a recommendation from a TN administrator. This form is available from the Graduate Office, or in the admissions packet. When the Leadership Licensure Application has been submitted to the Graduate Office, additional required documents will be sent to the applicant.
  2. A $50 application fee is required when submitting the Application for Graduation Education Studies.
  3. Official transcripts verifying the bachelor’s degree must be forwarded to LMU from the bachelor’s degree institution.
  4. Submit the Instructional Leader (IL) Candidate Admission Portfolio for graduate faculty evaluation. Those approved will be invited to interview.
  5. DAP Interviews will be conducted by IL Admissions Committee. Candidates who successfully complete their interviews will be admitted to the program.
  6. Meet all deadlines.
  7. Coursework Completion Policy: In online courses, 100% of the course content, instruction and assessments are delivered online through blackboard and Watermark. No face-to-face meetings are required. Candidates are expected to complete the modules by the dates specified. Discussion board participation as described in the modules is also required. Candidates are expected to log in to blackboard frequently. Candidates may also work at their own pace and may complete modules ahead of the due date, but late work is subject to a reduction in assignment points. Refer to the Graduate Catalog for further academic restrictions.

Admissions Appeals Process for the MEd Instructional Leadership (IL):

In the MEd Instructional Leadership Licensure program, the requirements are set by the TDOE. While all applicable candidates applying for the IL License have or will have met all MEd admission requirements, applicants who do not meet all admissions may place an appeal on any one of three or combinations of these three:

  1. Have at least two years of qualifying education experience
  2. Demonstrate effectiveness as an educator in the two most recent state-approved evaluation model.
  3. Be recommended by the LEA and participate in a committee led interview.

Applicants may appeal each or all these requirements by the following:

  1. Submit a letter from the district director or superintendent verifying the candidate has been or will be offered an administrative position in the system on a needed basis.
  2. Same as #1, with verification that either the system doesn’t use a state model of evaluation and provides its evaluation model or scores. Additionally, this is appealable if in the district’s letter they state the applicant has not been evaluated during their period of employment.
  3. The recommendation comes directly from the director/superintendent again stating the applicant has been or will be placed in an administrative position on an as needed basis.

Candidates who do not meet the three appealable requirements for admission into the MEd Instruction Leadership Licensing program may file an appeal letter. In this letter the applicant must state their reason for the appeal with supporting statements of how they can exempt or meet the appealable requirements.

Upon request of the applicant’s letter of appeal, the MEd IL Program Director will consult with the MEd faculty to determine the status of the application. If the initial letter is accepted, the candidate will be instructed to meet with the director/superintendent asking them to submit a letter asking to have exemptions to any or all the three appealable requirements. In this letter the superintendent must state the reasons and verify the applicant will be hired by the district.

Upon the receipt of the superintendent’s letter of appeal, another review will be done by the MEd IL Program Director and other faculty. If the appeal is successful, the applicant is admitted with full academic credentials.

When the appeal is granted based on the TDOE requirements being appealed, the applicant receives full enrollment status with conditions or probationary steps assigned.

An applicant could be refused admission based on the director’s/superintendent’s letter not verifying the candidate will be placed in an administrative position.

Applicants who appeal will receive a letter from the MEd program director sent by USPS mail with a follow-up email immediately following the decision.

Core Courses

Complete the core course requirements: EDUC 501, EDUC 551, and EDUC 511.

Item #
Sub-Total Credits

Concentration Area:

Complete the following courses:

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Sub-Total Credits

Candidates must pass the SLLA test to graduate and be recommended for IL license.
*All Clinical Classes are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

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