Master of Business Administration

MBA, General Business

The General MBA program is a 30-hour program intended for upwardly mobile professionals and recent baccalaureate graduates with exceptional academic backgrounds. Courses are offered in an entirely online format.  The curriculum is divided into eight core courses and two electives. 

Expected outcomes of the MBA include:

  • BUS1      Evaluate leadership styles to determine appropriate managerial actions for changing environments. 
  • BUS2      Evaluate investment decisions using financial theory, analytical decision-making tools, and quantitative and non-quantitative economic attributes. 
  • BUS3      Apply marketing theories and strategies to global and domestic environments to appropriately target specified audiences.
  • BUS4      Integrate and apply quantitative methods for decision-making. 
  • BUS5      Develop a business feasibility plan incorporating marketing, economics, accounting, finance, and management theory. 

Complete two (2) MBA elective courses. 

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