Master of Business Administration

MBA, Healthcare Administration

This concentration prepares students for a career in healthcare administration by providing courses relevant to the field within the United States Health Care system. The curriculum is designed to develop an in-depth knowledge ofbusiness aspects associated with the healthcare industry with courses integrating topics pertaining to administration, current trends, quality improvement, and law and ethics. A degree from the MBA program with this concentration can lead to careers in medical offices, hospital administration, healthcare informatics, healthcare planning, public health, and more.

Expected outcomes of the Healthcare Administration Concentration include:

  • HCA1 Analyze various organizational models of healthcare businesses to develop and apply strategic and managerial methods appropriate for differing medical entities.
  • HCA2 Apply theories related to quality improvement within the healthcare industry in order to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control continuous improvement, patient satisfaction, and organizational livelihood.
  • HCA3 Analyze legal and ethical practices within the fieldof healthcare administration and the implications to healthcare providers.
  • HCA4 Analyze current issues and topics affecting the U.S. healthcare system to develop business solutions for challenges confronting Healthcare Administrators using theory, best practices, and modeling techniques.
Total Credits