Master of Business Administration

MBA, Technology Management

This concentration provides the knowledge relating to the management of technology within technology dependent organizations. Emphasis will be placed on skills needed to manage technology driven organizations through the successful use of innovation and creativity. The concentration will also examine processes for the formulation, implementation, and assessment of technology strategy. Students will analyze technology issues in various business sectors, and will develop findings and recommendations for improvement. A degree from the MBA program with this concentration can lead to a career in a wide variety of managerial roles within technology driven organizations.

Expected outcomes of the Technology Management Concentration include:

  • TMGT1 Develop technology management strategies that allow organizations to effectively management their technological fundamentals to create competitive advantage.
  • TMGT2 Evaluate technology life cycle processes, and develop strategies for successful business planning within the birth, growth, maturation, and decline phases of business innovation.
  • TMGT3 Evaluate the functions of research and development, marketing, finance, design, manufacturing, and technical specifications as they apply to the development of new technological products.
Total Credits