Message from the President

Jason McConnell, DBA

Founded in 1897, Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) embodies the vision of President Abraham Lincoln, creating a legacy of education that enriches and empowers. Our mission is to uplift and inspire students from the Appalachian region and beyond, providing a path to achieve their dreams through a variety of educational avenues, whether it be on our scenic campus, via our online offerings, or at one of our off-campus instructional sites. As you progress towards your degree, you'll gain more than just academic knowledge; you'll acquire the skills needed to thrive in your future career, laying down the foundations for enduring success.

I'm delighted to welcome you as you commence this significant chapter of your education at LMU. You are joining a caring community where each faculty and staff member is deeply invested in your journey, offering tailored support and a genuine interest in your well-being and success. Amidst today's unique challenges, we pledge to offer an innovative and supportive educational environment, where technology and personal growth opportunities abound. The effort and time you invest in your education here will significantly enhance your future, as the value of your degree is amplified by LMU's growing renown.

As you strive to achieve your goals, embracing the spirit of the Railsplitter, you are on the path to joining the distinguished ranks of LMU alumni. I have the utmost faith in your potential to excel and make the most of the opportunities presented within our nurturing learning environment. Your time at LMU is about more than academic achievement; it's about growing as a person and contributing positively to our community. Embracing the responsibilities that come with being part of our diverse and dynamic community is essential as you work towards your goals. Reflecting on President Lincoln's words about the paramount importance of education, I am thrilled to see you embark on this journey of discovery and success. Your path at LMU is paved with opportunities to achieve greatness, and I look forward to celebrating each step of your progress.