NURS-580: Contmp Roles/Iss for Adv Prac

Class Program
Credits 4

Develops and builds awareness of the Advanced Practice Nurses role within complex health care systems that influence practice. Past and current epidemiological, economic, political, ethical, legal, social, environmental (including rural health issues), cultural aspects of health (in the U.S. and comparable international health care systems), and technological issues within the U. S. healthcare system are examined. Exploration of scope of practice, development of leadership skills and strategies to develop multidisciplinary partnerships required to influence health policy; provision of safe, quality care that includes culturally congruent care, and acceptable options to access care. The Advanced Practice Nurse role and the use of informatics, use of personal health care information, and in documentation in accordance with current regulatory processes and payer systems are explored. Additional topics on advocacy, legal, credentialing, and ethical issues will be examined. Prerequisites: Admission to the MSN Program as a degree or non-degree seeking student.