Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

This program is designed to offer students a structured route to future entry into professional school. Among thefour MS majors, BMS offers the most tailored route for students whose aspirations include medical school.

Throughout the year of study, students will enroll in graduate courses along with specific medical school classesat the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (DCOM). These medical school courses may include Histology and Neuroanatomy if the prerequisites are met and there is sufficient capacity in the courses. These courses will be taken alongside first year DCOM students. Other significant aspects of the program include thefollowing:

  • Guaranteed Interview
    • Students who maintain a cumulative 3.0 graduate GPA or higher in the Fall semester and complete their American Association of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS) application are guaranteed an interview at LMU-DCOM in the Spring semester.
    • If a student drops at least one of the professional school courses (ANAT501 and ANAT 714) during the Fallsemester then he/she will not be granted the interview.
  • Grades of B or above in professional school courses will be applied to your future transcriptsat LMU-LMU- DCOM if accepted.
  • Before the actual interview, an interview workshop is provided along with an individualmock interview with faculty/staff in the MS program.
  • Many of the students in the program will learn about their acceptance into LMU-DCOM beforethe end of the Spring semester.
  • A grade of “C” or lower in a Spring semester course may result in a rescinded acceptance toLMU-DCOM.

Degrees and Certificates