Cancellation Notification Due to Weather or Other Emergencies

LMU offices generally will remain open and scheduled instruction will continue during periods of inclement weather, even though campus-based class may be canceled. Faculty and staff members should refer to the “University Closures and Delayed Openings: and “Instructional Continuity” policies in the Employee Handbook for additional information.

The main sources of information regarding cancellation/delay of classes due to weather-related situations are the LMU Website, myLMU LiveSafe, and the telephone weather information lines. Every effort will be made to have morning or daytime cancellation/delay notices posted by 6 a.m. and notices for evening classes (those beginning at 6 p.m. or later) posted by 4:30 p.m.(Please note that for weather emergencies such as tornado warnings or closings due to disaster or lockdown situations, the LiveSafe emergency alert system is used; information about the LiveSafe emergency alert system may be found at this link.). More information regarding weather cancellation notification can be found at this link.

NOTE: Off-campus sites utilizing local school facilities are closed when those facilities close due to weather conditions. If the Harrogate campus or an off-campus site isclosed, an announcement will be made in the same way, i.e., LMU Website, LiveSafe, and site-specific weather-related information line.