Master of Business Administration

MBA, Business Analytics

This concentration is designed for upwardly mobile professionals who desire additional training in analytical tools for decision making. The curriculum is designed to develop an in-depth knowledge of key business concepts,with special attention focusing on the utilization of analytical practices within today’s modern businesses.

Core topics within the MBA – Business Analytics curriculum will pertain to foundational business analytics knowledge, statistical methods used within analytical decision making, the use of business intelligence, as well as the introduction of analytical programming and data mining. A degree from the MBA program with this concentration can lead to careers in business analytics, business intelligence, data science, and more.

Expected outcomes of the Business Analytics Concentration include:

  • BA1  Develop appropriate methodologies and techniques to improve the effectiveness of business decisions.
  • BA2  Identify appropriate analytical methodologies and techniques to improve effectiveness of business decisions.
  • BA3  Solve problems more effectively through analytical and critical thinking, making more comprehensive judgments when facing business issues with constraints or problems with complexor unknown solutions.
  • BA4  Demonstrate evidence-based decision making through the relevant acquisition, analysis, andapplication of data.
Total Credits